pondělí 3. června 2013


Believe in the whirl of life,
though it seems like attacking your very roots -
it may be flying you up towards heaven.
Yet, you keep on sticking to the stumps
and toss about in the wind of earth-bound thoughts.
Believe in the whirl of love,
thought the waters seem to close above your head -
it may be introducing you to love's kingdom.
Yet, you are scared to open your eyes
and look though the salt in spate,
stop swimming against the tide,
but set yourself adrift
and left yourself uplift
in a rhytm of waves striking you down, pervading you,
to the point of making your body quiver,
your heart valves as well as the slightest thought.
Give yourself up to this vibration,
to the touch, the strokes, to the deep penetration
and fill yourself up with this ocean of singing love.
Perceive her sweet tone, warm breath,
exciting movemements and inciting silence.
And the spiral of life spins on
and holds you hard and bounds you with the chains of iron law
and hits you and comforts you and caresses you and flames you up,
just like the faithful lover absorbed in an enticing game.
You try to resist, but he strips you bare, piece after piece,
exposing your beauty and your flaws
as well as the most sensitive and vulnarable spot...
and you entrust it into his care.
But if you show yourself troubled, you will hurt him
If you don't love him, you will grieve him
Ad if you run away form him,  you will lose him.
So, when he bites you tenderly or spanks you softly
or when he lets you thirst, not offering your lips what they desire,
don't try to avoid any nicety of His game,
nor pleasure, nor torment,
or you will never reach the supreme extasy of connection.

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